Ganymede Watches Brand Story



My first watch was a Garfield watch I got in a cereal box when I was five. I remember I would never take it off and would even wear it in the shower. I loved that watch and I wore it till the strap broke off. One day not soon after I was at K-Mart with my Mom and saw the future: a Casio Calculator Watch. It was my trusty ally in elementary school where I secretly used it to calculate multiplication tables when I didn’t know the answer. To me watches were cool: they not only told the time, but were useful and functional.

As I grew older my interests leaned towards technology and how it could be used to travel to places humans have never been. I became fascinated with technology used in extreme environments such as deep sea and space exploration. In designing watches for this collection I’ve taken inspiration from early diving gear, submarines, and spacecraft; technology pushing the boundaries of what was possible to explore the unknown. It is my hope that this collection and brand can share the passion I have for watches and technology and inspire you to push your own limits to explore and better yourselves and the world.

Some people have asked why did you choose Ganymede as the brand name (well truthfully no one’s asked, but I want to tell you anyway). To me it represents the potential for the future. Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter is a giant ocean covered in an ice crust where scientists believe life could exist. To visit and explore this extreme environment, new advanced technology will be required. Ganymede represents the future of technology needed to explore unknown and hazardous environments while the design for the brand comes from the pioneering exploration technology created in the past. Ganymede watches pay homage to the past while looking towards the future.

Ganymede watches is based in GA, USA.

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